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As a Washington DC based freelance writer, I have experience with: blogging, editing, script writing, essay writing, marketing copy, ads (digital + print), email marketing, web copy, SEO and VSEO.

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Hotel as Laboratory? How One Charlotte Hotel Strives to Stoke and Satisfy Curiosity

Artists, like Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton, satisfy their curiosity by engaging with people and digging into their stories. Scientists, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, satisfy their curiosity by setting up a laboratory and delving into experiments and data. But how does an entity like a hotel satisfy its curiosity? It does little of both

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Marriott Traveler

Renoun Skis’ Cyrus Schnek on Shaking Up the Ski Game and Hitting the Second “Diviest” Bar in Town

I caught up with Schenck to talk about skiing, innovation, being on the road for extended stays and the beauty you’ll find at the second “diviest” bar in town.

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The Washington Post

When you embrace shame - The Washington Post

When you embrace shame - The Washington Post

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The Washington Post

Beyond Batman: Searching for role models for my son

He wants to emulate superheroes. But beyond a few strong men, what role models do our sons really have?...

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Content Strategy: How to Shape Your Narrative - blog ...

Content Strategy: How to Shape Your Narrative - blo...

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Your Belly is Fat –

I thought I had overcome the insecurity, and that the hard work that got me here would see me sail through these moments with the wisdom and grace of years....

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Red Tricycle

12 Awesome Places to Take a Family Selfie

The DMV is full of places to take a great family selfie. Here are some of our favorites....

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Because someday the children will be grown.

Someday the war will end. Someday the children will be grown. Someday there will be no kids to take. Someday Saturday will dawn and I won’t crave solitude anymore. I’ll crave him. I want our armor to be intact when the war is over.

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Goodbye Toddlerhood, I’ll Miss You (No Really, I Will)

Goodbye toddlerhood. Sure, you're were annoying, but mostly you were incredibly charming and adorable....

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The Huffington Post

The Reminders That Save Me When I Feel Trapped

Sometimes I feel trapped. By my children. That's horrible to say. It is. But I say it because maybe, sometimes, you feel it too? Sometimes I feel tr......

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Red Tricycle

The Chocolate You Seek: Best Local Spots for Hot Chocolate

‘Tis the season for mittens and sleds, snowball fights and cozy nights by the fire. And ‘tis the season for all the hot cocoa our bellies can hold....

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Pregnancy & Newborn’s Annual Essay Contest

Follow “I can hardly count the ways that being a mother has broadened my writing, deepened my connection to all other women, and galvanized my commitment to the Earth and its fate. As difficult…...

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The Huffington Post

You Are A Supermom

You are supermom. Yes, you. Oh yes, you are. Even if you were late to drop-off this morning. Even if you forgot to make that doctor's appointment. Even......

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The Huffington Post

What Happened When I Went to the Grocery Store... Alone

I went to the grocery store yesterday. Alone. I parked in the back row, far from the entrance. I walked across the hot, black asphalt, weaving my way t......

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Choosing Your Battles (When You Can't Choose Your Children's Clothes)

Nourish Yourself | Mamalode

“Be sure to nourish yourself,” she said. These were her parting words to me and she delivered them gently but sternly, a balance that seasoned mothers have perfected. I smiled and nodded my head. “Yes. I will.”...